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Program Update Feb 2015

The second semester of Journalism + Design is already in full swing. Here are a few highlights so far…

Last month we hosted Serial and the Podcast Explosion (which is still generating buzz.) It was one week before the passing of David Carr (which we’re still trying to process.) We’re all feeling super-lucky that we got to experience David – he blew us away. RIP.

Course Highlights

Andrew Losowsky teaches Stealth Journalism, which examines the history and practice of information sharing in unconventional space (video games, graffiti, Snapchat, performance.) Losowsky looks at how formats dictate content, issues of public versus private space, and ways to tap into unexpected opportunities for journalism to exist.

How to Draw the Internet is taught by Noah Veltman (WNYC data news developer) and Sisi Wei (ProPublica news apps developer.) J+D students are learning to prototype their ideas on paper. The goal is to give students a working understanding of interaction design principles and how to quickly turn a rough idea into a compelling final product.

News, Narrative and Design classes are being taught by Blake Eskin (first digital editor at newyorker.com, currently of Makerbot), Allison Lichter (social media editor at The Wall Street Journal) and John Rudolph (executive producer of Feet in Two Worlds).

Outside the classroom

Five J+D students have received scholarship from SXSW Interactive to attend the conference. They’ll be reporting back on their experiences and we’ll post their dispatches as we get them. Thank you Jenny 8 Lee and Hugh Forrest.

Check back for more photos and video…