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Watch ‘Serial’ and the Podcast Explosion

David Carr visits J+D to host a panel with podcasting gurus Sarah Koenig, Alex Blumberg, Benjamen Walker and Alix Spiegel

Journalism + Design held its first public program on Thursday evening, with David Carr of the New York Times moderating a shrewd and insightful conversation on the recent boom in podcasting.

The panel was packed with some of the biggest names in the industry: “Serial” host and executive producer Sarah Koenig; former “This American Life” producer and “Planet Money” founder Alex Blumberg, now the CEO of Gimlet Media and creator of the podcast “StartUp;” Benjamen Walker, host of the podcast “Theory of Everything” and one of the founding members of Radiotopia; and Alix Spiegel, another former “This American Life” producer and now one of the hosts and creators of NPR’s “Invisibilia.”

The group discussed the business behind podcasting — “do you guys think [it’s] the best thing to ever happen to public radio, or the worst?” questioned Carr — as well as the intimacy of the medium and its ability to capture emotion in a way that text often cannot  Interspersing dry humor with some tough questions, Carr pushed the panelists to pick apart the “secret sauce” that makes for a good podcast and asked whether Ira Glass — who Koenig, Blumberg, and Spiegel have all worked for —is in fact the Dark Overlord. (Spoiler alert: yes, he is.)

Watch the full video here:



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