Telling ‘Stories’ on Social Media

For journalists and news organizations, social media can be irksome. The platforms are in constant flux: an updated algorithm or a new product can appear out of nowhere, suddenly upending a carefully-crafted social media strategy. One feature, however, seems here to stay (at least for now): the “Story” format. It began on Snapchat, but Facebook ++++++++>

Technology, Addiction, and Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent, the nonprofit started by repentant persuasive technologist Tristan Harris, has launched the Center for Humane Technology, a group that includes tech CEOs, investors, scholars, and mindfulness advocates. “The race for attention is eroding the pillars of our society,“ the group’s website says. It warns that recent tech trends are putting our children, ++++++++>

Nir Eyal on Persuasive vs. Coercive Technology

Nir Eyal’s 2013 book, “Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products,” is a study of consumer behavior that grew out of interviews with Silicon Valley firms and psychologists at Stanford University. “I came up with this hypothesis that the companies that were going to succeed online had to understand users’ habits and how to change those ++++++++>

Our Reading List on Addictive Technology and Persuasive Design

As venture capitalists and former tech execs speak out about social media addiction, designers are facing ethical questions about their work. Journalism + Design is hosting a discussion about whether persuasive technology and behavioral design are colonizing our attention. We’ll ask: Where is the line between sharp UX and user manipulation? How can we design ++++++++>

Irwin Chen on Kleptocrat and Using Games to Explain Corruption

Journalism + Design’s Irwin Chen will speak on a panel on November 27 about the new iPhone game Kleptocrat, which puts the player in the shoes of a corrupt public official, moving money to evade arrest. The panel will be moderated by New Yorker staff writer Mark Singer and include Chen’s co-creators: Jim Mintz, CEO of ++++++++>

“On the Media” features highlights from our panel on satirical news

If the court jester — who always seemed able to speak truth to the king — has a modern-day equivalent, it might be the creators of the satirical programs that regale us nightly with humorous, and often irreverent, takes on the day’s news. It was with this in mind that Journalism + Design invited five ++++++++>

Watch industry leaders from The Guardian, Buzzfeed and Vox Media discuss the future of news product design

Last Thursday, Journalism + Design and the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY hosted “The Hunt for News Products of the Future,” an evening of conversation Aron Pilhofer, Interim Chief Digital Officer at The Guardian, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Managing Editor for Mobile News at Buzzfeed, and Trei Brundrett, Chief Product Officer for Vox Media.  The ++++++++>

Designing for the Future of News: Alexis Lloyd Visits J+D

Alexis Lloyd, Creative Director of the New York Times’ Research & Development Lab, visited Journalism + Design on Thursday, March 12, to discuss the work she does and why it’s important for journalism.