Community, Power, and Gentrification in North Carolina

Mark Schultz, an editor for The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun in North Carolina, heard this anecdote earlier this year: “If you had a fish tank and one day you found one of the fish floating belly up, you’d probably ask ‘What’s wrong with that fish?’ But if, say, half the fish turned up ++++++++>

AP Puts Experiments on View at Matter’s Demo Day

It’s not often that members of legacy news organizations have the chance to step away from the daily churn to reflect on what they do and imagine new ways to do it. But the Associated Press recently had the chance to do just that. As part of a five-month training program hosted by Matter, a ++++++++>

The Dark Side of Design

 Now, more than ever, designers and media makers are facing down tough ethical questions about their complicity in the insidiously addictive new modes of technology. There have been no shortage of words devoted to interrogating the dark side of our seemingly indispensable tech: Smartphones are hijacking our minds. Social media’s dopamine-driven feedback loops are ++++++++>

Gaming the System

Many of the systems which define our world today – including government systems of laws and regulations – are dysfunctional, or even broken. What would it mean to look at these systems through the lens of game design? Can we apply game design thinking to a practice like redistricting, made famously broken by the widespread ++++++++>

Katie Salen, noted game designer and educator joins J+D Advisory Board

We are thrilled to welcome Katie Salen to the advisory board of Journalism + Design. Her experience and expertise will accelerate our progress in the development of great journalism in a complex digital environment. Salen has served as an advisor to J+D on the development of our open-source curriculum, and has been an inspiration for ++++++++>

J+D director Heather Chaplin publishes a new guide to design thinking in journalism

What journalists mean when they make reference to “design thinking” is the topic of a new report by Journalism + Design director Heather Chaplin, published by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. It provides an in-depth view of the design practices that are emphasized in our undergraduate program — and that are currently in use at BuzzFeed, The New ++++++++>