Not all graphic designers live in Brooklyn and Google Maps knows all about your shed: J+D Digest

Journalists and designers tell stories, but we also read, listen, watch, play… So periodically we round up stories that the Journalism + Design team are looking at, listening to, and interacting with. Believe it or not, not all graphic designers live in Brooklyn. Automattic’s John Maeda brings high profile mentorships down into the belly of coal country. ++++++++>

J+D director Heather Chaplin publishes a new guide to design thinking in journalism

What journalists mean when they make reference to “design thinking” is the topic of a new report by Journalism + Design director Heather Chaplin, published by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. It provides an in-depth view of the design practices that are emphasized in our undergraduate program — and that are currently in use at BuzzFeed, The New ++++++++>

Confessions of a former content farmer

Last August, as a staff writer for a well-known online news outlet, I committed the following act of journalism: I took an animation that had been produced by someone else, added some snarky commentary to it, and posted it online under the headline, “This video demonstrates how rats can swim up your toilet bowl and will turn you ++++++++>

The art of the interview

Journalism + Design students throughout the program are working to master their interview skills. Helping them out this semester is New School alumnus Kevin Dugan, now the Wall Street reporter for the The New York Post. Here are some of the tips he’s been sharing with students for walking up to a source, getting what you need — and getting ++++++++>

Program update: Fall 2015

“We’re not playing around with what we wish it were like to do journalism, or what we remember it was like to do journalism, but what it really is like to do journalism now.” — Director Heather Chaplin discusses journalism education for the 21st century in an interview with Nieman Lab. For the fall 2015 semester of ++++++++>

Year In Review: 2014-15

We just completed our first year of Journalism + Design and wanted to give you an update on how things went. There’s a lot in this post as we’ve gotten a lot of questions.


Five Journalism + Design students received scholarships to attend SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX this year. Check here for daily updates on what J+D Director Heather Chaplin and our students — Alex Gerald, Cody Davis, Odalis Garcia, Sterling King, and Tamar Lapin — are learning, experiencing, and sharing from the conference.

Remembering David Carr

It’s still hard to believe that someone who was so witty, so sharp, so full of wisecracks, and of wisdom, has gone so suddenly.