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And end to insider political news and the case for local : J+D Digest

Journalists and designers tell stories, but we also read, listen, watch, play…So periodically we round up stories that the Journalism + Design team are looking at, listening to, and interacting with.

There was a time when Ben Smith helped create insider politics. Now, he argues, it’s time for it to die. (Via Buzzfeed News)

Bing’s ‘Spotlight’ feature hopes to add context to trending news stories

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is trying new ways to tell a fuller picture. Their ‘Spotlight’ feature will show users developments and various perspectives for new stories they view. (Via Bing)

Design thinking works. Here’s why. (Via Harvard Business Review)

Design thinking is highly suspect. Here’s why. (Via Harvard Business Review)

There’s no shortage of stories on the dismal and diminishing status of the local newsroom in the United States, but one intrepid reporter makes a strong (and thorough!) case for a clear way out. (Via Austin Smith & The Lenfest Institute For Journalism)

Plus: How can a culture of listening make journalism better? Cole Goins lays out his case for making it a newsroom staple. (Via American Press Institute)

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