Collaborative Problem-Solving for Storytelling

This hands-on workshop for journalism professionals uses a collaborative problem-solving approach to identify and create a multi-platform project, as an example of how to bring the...


The Internet as Art and Politics

Join us for a debate on the politics and art of the Web, as two literary stars of Net-thinking, Virginia Heffernan and Scott Malcolmson, unveil much-anticipated...


VR Journalism Workshop

Learn about the latest in VR technology and experiment with the tools needed to tell your story in 360°. Get an introduction to the most accessible...


Reporting on Iran: Can We Know the Truth?

In the aftermath of the historic US-Iran deal, and the release of Washington Post correspondent and Lang alumnus Jason Rezaian (Class of '01) after 15 months of imprisonment in Tehran, leading Iran-watchers, journalists and human rights activists discuss how we can learn the realities of life in Iran.


The Hunt for News Products of the Future

The newspaper was a great product. It allowed news organizations to reach their audiences quickly and effectively; it was the news product of its time. But now, as journalism grapples with the great migration to digital, the hunt is on for the products of tomorrow. How, where and why will people get their news in the future? What's at stake? What goes into making a great news product?