The Hunt for News Products of the Future

The newspaper was a great product. It allowed news organizations to reach their audiences quickly and effectively; it was the news product of its time. But now, as journalism grapples with the great migration to digital, the hunt is on for the products of tomorrow. How, where and why will people get their news in the future? What's at stake? What goes into making a great news product?


Design Thinking for Journalists

In this fast-paced and interactive workshop, Juliette Melton and Rachel Derkits-Gelman, user experience researchers at The New York Times, will guide Journalism + Design students through the process of applying human-centered design to the field of journalism and media.


Podcast and Chill

Join us for a listening party recognizing the work of the students in Benjamen Walker's Podcasting course. The class produced six episodes, including an investigation of the homeless population at The New School, a roundtable discussion examining each presidential candidate's position on student debt, and a personal essay about the freshman experience. We'll be hearing excerpts from each.


The Editor and the Troll, or What is the Future of News Comments?

Anika Gupta, a graduate student in Comparative Media Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, will draw on her interviews with comment moderators, editors and forum managers to explore how different organizations approach the challenges and opportunities of the comments section.


Interactives from the Ground Up, with Thomas Rhiel

Even when armed with a promising idea, building an interactive digital experience — like a map or graphic — can be a difficult undertaking, requiring tools and know-how that span disciplines. In this two-part workshop, Thomas Rhiel, director of reader experience at Atavist, offers practical, step-by-step advice, using as models two visualizations of his own (including one featured in The Best American Infographics 2014).


Every Prototype is a Question, with Laura Cochran

In this hands-on, two-day workshop, Condé Nast User Experience Lead Laura Cochran will help you use prototyping to refine your ideas with your audience at every stage of your project.



Andrew Losowsky leads a paper-based hackathon, where you'll take the latest edition of The New York Times, find what's missing from its stories, and create a dazzling and delightful showcase of creatively enhanced articles.


Big Ideas, Little Posts with Drake Baer

Drake Baer, the ideas editor at Tech Insider, leads students in a two-part, hands-on workshop that's all about writing for the digital age.


GeoJourNews Conference

Journalism + Design is housing this two-day conference and hackday, hosted by CartoDB, catered to journalists and focused on geo-news.


Intro to Web Concepts

Learn the basics of programming and web development with Aurelia Moser, a rising star and developer at CartoDB. This introductory workshop is for students with little-to-no technical experience, so don't be afraid if you don't know the difference between a client and a server — Aurelia will teach you!