Intro to Web Concepts

Learn the basics of programming and web development with Aurelia Moser, a rising star and developer at CartoDB. This introductory workshop is for students with little-to-no technical experience, so don't be afraid if you don't know the difference between a client and a server — Aurelia will teach you!


The Art of Craft and the Craft of Art

An in-depth look at the practice of excellent journalistic writing, from pitch to sentence to story, with Adam Sternbergh, a contributing editor at New York magazine and Vulture, and the former culture editor for the New York Times Magazine. With emphases on how to craft an irresistible pitch by learning the difference between an event, an idea, an opinion, and a story; how to recognize the best style for the story you want to tell, from individual sentences to overall structure; how to know where to start (the perfect lede) and where to finish (the perfect kicker); and how to write journalism that’s both great writing and great journalism (they’re not always the same thing).


Reimagining the Beat: Workshop with Andy Donohue

Award-winning journalist Andrew Donohue will lead this day-long challenge, where students will combine gumshoe reporting and user-centered design methods to rethink that most basic of journalistic functions: the story idea. A senior editor at The Center for Investigative Reporting, Andrew will help students find out how to do stories that matter deeply to the audience, not just sources.

mobile | video

Reinventing Video Journalism for the Mobile Age: Workshop with Hong Qu

In this two-part workshop, students will retrace, synthesize, and brainstorm trends in video journalism. As smartphones and high-speed wireless network become pervasive, everyone and anyone can broadcast, transmit, amplify, and consume videos.


Designing for the Future of News: Alexis Lloyd Visits J+D

Alexis Lloyd, Creative Director of the New York Times' Research & Development Lab, visited Journalism + Design on Thursday, March 12, to discuss the work she does and why it's important for journalism.


Serial and the Podcast Explosion

Journalism + Design held its first public program on Thursday evening, with David Carr of the New York Times moderating a shrewd and insightful conversation on the recent boom in podcasting.