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Tech in the Crosshairs, Illustrating Rape, Bodegas and Diapers: A J+D Link Roundup

Journalists and designers tell stories, but we also read, listen, watch, play… So periodically, we’ll be rounding up a few stories that Journalism + Design faculty are looking at, listening to…

Here’s what’s caught our attention this week:

Heather Chaplin: Elizabeth Kolbert, The New Yorker, Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds. This is part of my ongoing fascination with how people digest facts and how hard it is to fight confirmation bias.

Irwin Chen: This thread from Anil Dash on bodegas, diapers, and design ethics in response to the launch of a startup called Bodega.

Blake Eskin:  Holly Hartman, I downloaded an app. Suddenly I was a rescue dispatcher. A high-school journalism teacher, transformed by Hurricane Harvey and technology. Bubbled up from Facebook to the Houston Chronicle.

Kia Gregory: Ariel Sophia Bardi, Columbia Journalism Review, In India’s ‘rape capital,’ designers change how people picture assault. Also rereading Tom Junod’s The Falling Man, from 2003. Simply superb reporting and storytelling about a tragic moment and a haunting image that captured the world’s attention.

Jon Keegan: Facebook wrestles with the ugliest parts of human nature with new monetization guidelines.

Allison Lichter Joseph: Two pieces from Alex Weprin’s Morning Media roundup about the possibility of government regulation of the tech industry:

Both pieces are relevant to our October 10 panel, Free Speech, Hate Speech.

Jeff Mays: 110 N.F.L. Brains was the best piece on the release of a study of the brains of football players. The well-designed graphic packs in so much detailed information.

Andrew Meier: News in the Quartz app. Wow.

Liesl Schillinger: In my class, Facts/Alternative Facts, we’ve been looking at how fake news is spread in the US. This Der Spiegel article (in English) reminds us that this is a global issue, and shows what Germany is doing to guard against Russian interference in their September 24 election.

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