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The ‘Pivot to Video’ Charade, Radio on the Internet: J+D Digest

Journalists and designers tell stories, but we also read, listen, watch, play… So periodically we round up stories that the Journalism + Design team are looking at, listening to, and interacting with.

The inventor of the internet reflects on a system failure on the eve of net neutrality’s gravest hour: “I’m still an optimist, but an optimist standing at the top of the hill with a nasty storm blowing in my face, hanging on to a fence.” (via The Guardian)

It’s become a cliche in its own right, but is there any merit to the ‘pivot to video?’ One journalist thinks it’s more like a game of musical chairs. (via Talking Points Memo)

The Washington Post created a blog platform to solve their own problems and became a software company somewhere along the way. (via Fast Company)

How can an outlet create a consistent radio experience in the modern media space? NPR’s creative director Liz Danzico discusses the challenges of responding to human behaviors across digital platforms. (via Design Observer)

Can news outlets ever really opt out of the media outrage machine? Apply systems thinking to the landscape and a grim picture emerges. (via Axios)

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