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Murdoch v. Platforms, Sick Systems, Inmates w/o A/C: J+D links

Journalists and designers tell stories, but we also read, listen, watch, play… So periodically we round up stories that Journalism + Design faculty are looking at, listening to, and interacting with.

Heather Chaplin: A Prototype for Stemming the Flood of Misinformation during Breaking News Events (Misinfocon)

Allison Lichter: Explore how Rupert Murdoch has become an unlikely hero in the fight with technology platforms. He was an early, staunch advocate of the paywall to force people to pay for journalism. (Buzzfeed)

Jon Keegan: Forge past this bleak headline for a clear, visual lesson in calculating probability. Features some easy-to-grasp charts. (Washington Post)

Irwin Chen: A Twitter thread from Alex Stamos that examines why journalists need to be fully informed before making accusations or assigning blame, especially regarding technology, and a look at the immature architects who built our attention economy. (Guardian via Longreads)

Andrew Meier: This video from The Marshall Project looks at how inmates without air conditioning will struggle with climate change.

Blake Eskin: “Keep the crises rolling. Incompetence is a great way to do this.” This analysis of sick systems was first posted in 2010, but in many ways it describes today’s relationship between the White House and the people who cover it. (Issendai, via Paul Ford)

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