Platforms & Publishers (Name A More Dysfunctional Duo)

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Writer and journalism professor Anjali Khosla joins Heather and Emily to talk about how we got this fraught relationship between tech platforms and news publishers. They cover the latest Facebook bombshell(s), Jonah Peretti’s plans for digital media conglomeration, Anjali’s experience as one of the first social media editors, and how future decisions from social media platforms will to shape the viability of journalism. They attempt to end on a positive note several times to mixed results.

Reading List:

  • Friend and Foe: The Platform Press at the Heart of Journalism—The Tow Center’s take on how social media and other Big Tech platforms have changed how journalists work.  From Emily’s executive summary: “Four in 10 journalists (41 percent) say their newsrooms have made major changes to how it produces news in response to the growth of social media platforms. About an equal share (42 percent) say their newsroom has made minor changes. Just 15 percent believe their newsrooms have made no changes to their news production routines.”