Journalist Credibility Ratings Dive

How many fact-checking organizations does it take to change the proverbial fake news lightbulb? Elon Musk thinks we need at least one more.

But maybe fact-checking should function more like a popularity contest, with journalists and institutions competing for credibility ratings. Emily and Heather ask what is the point of recent fact-checking initiatives, and the director of Poynter’s international fact-checking network Alexios Mantzarlis offers some answers.

Reading list:

Elon Musk doesn’t know how journalism works — but thinks he can fix it  — A primer on the tweets that started it all.

Plus, responses from Nate Silver, Buzzfeed, and Poynter.

Who decides what’s true in politics? A history of the rise of political fact-checking  — An interview with a fact-checking expert to demystify the partisan bickering.

A 2018 survey of fact-checking projects around the world finds a booming field, with at least 149 dedicated initiatives  — More background on the credibility verification efforts from organizations around the globe.


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