A Podcast About the Thorniest Problems in Journalism


Journalism may be a pillar of democracy, but how can it compete with the persuasive design tactics that serve up everything from Instagram posts to dating apps? Examining persuasive design through the lenses of psychology, anthropology, ethics and history, Emily and Heather try to unpack what the attention economy is doing to journalism and to society.

Tricky is on hiatus until further notice. You can find past episodes on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.


Coming Soon: Tricky Season Two

Just in time for midterm mayhem, fearless podcast hosts Heather Chaplin and Emily Bell have returned to untangle journalism’s knottiest problems in season two of Journalism + Design’s Tricky. Season one saw...

Preparing for the Infocalypse

Heather and Emily hunker down in the journalistic equivalent of a nuclear bunker with Storyful’s Mandy Jenkins and design technologist Rick Barraza to explore the looming crisis of AI-generated fakery...