Episode 7: A Bonfire of Hot Takes

Emily and Heather consider what place opinion journalism has in public discourse today.With Jeet Heer of The New Republic, and Katie Kingsbury of the New York Times, the two ask: Is intellectual diversity possible? Can, and should, legacy news organizations provide thought leadership? When do provocations and thought experiments actually foster debate and when are they just straight trolling? And what’s that smell? Is it the daily bonfire of hot takes? 

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Reading list:

  • The Myth of Intellectual Diversity at the NYT — Guest Jeet Heer examines the establishment consensus of the paper’s opinion section.
  • A history of the NYT op-ed page
  • Recent internal strife at the NYT A string of controversial editorial choices have put the opinion page at the center of internal conflict at the Times
  • The Wall Street Journal editorial board coverage of Robert Mueller  … and at the Wall Street Journal.
  • “It’s Time to Stop Yammering About Liberal Bias” Actually, “the right has plenty of representation on the nation’s opinion pages.”
  • Independent local opinion writing is dying On the disappearing voice of the indie local
  • As newspapers cut opinion sections, African Americans take disproportionate hit

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