Listen to the very first episode of our J+D student podcast: “A Room of One’s Own”

Photo credit: The New School

watch Fourteen students, 12 weeks, and one directive: find something that really interests you.

So began Journalism + Design’s first foray into podcasting. Armed with ProTools and their iPhone microphones, and with the guidance of podcaster Benjamen Walker and The New School’s Sylvie Douglis, students set out to create their own, short pieces of audio journalism.

After months of troubleshooting, editing, and late nights of sound mixing, we’re excited to present the result: a six-episode podcast called “Podcast and Chill.”

We’ll be rolling out the series, one episode per day, over the coming week. To start things off, here’s episode one:

What is it like to sleep where you study? Sayre and Taylor explore the story of two students who found themselves in an unconventional living situation.

This episode was produced by Taylor Lynch and Sayre Quevedo.

Music Credit: Many Hands/Podington Bear