The Entrepreneur’s Drunken Walk Is Paved With Good Intentions

Google and Facebook are the two biggest media institutions in America today. Neither likes to be called a media company, but together they command the lion’s share of online advertising and dominate the distribution of information. Neither Google (search engine, garage, 1998) nor Facebook (social network, dorm room, 2004) set out to become a media ++++++++>

Pay Attention to the Weak Links

Over the past several days, I’ve kept seeing this explanation of a scholarly paper on the epidemiology of disinformation. (Thanks to Laura Hazard Owen at Nieman Lab for first putting the story on my radar, and to my New School colleague David Carroll for flagging it again.) Three scholars, who Bloomberg View contributor Mark Buchanan ++++++++>

Journalism as Problem-Solving

via GIPHY In response to a divisive memo by former Google engineer James Damore, another former Google engineer named Yonatan Zunger wrote that Damore fundamentally misunderstood the role of an engineer: Engineering is not the art of building devices; it’s the art of fixing problems. I do not quote Zunger because he made a groundbreaking ++++++++>