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Journalism Design is an interdisciplinary program at The New School in New York City, merging design thinking with time-tested journalistic principles and practice.


Thursday | July 7, 2016

Confessions of a former content farmer

Last August, as a staff writer for a well-known online news outlet, I committed the following act of journalism: I took an animation that had been produced by someone else, added some snarky commentary to it, and posted it online under the headline, “This video demonstrates how rats can swim up your toilet bowl and will turn you ++++++++>



Core Faculty

  • Heather Chaplin
  • Irwin Chen
  • Andrew Meier
  • Allison Lichter
  • Kia Gregory

Guest Faculty

  • Sarah Kramer, Time
  • Carmel Lobello, The Wall Street Journal
  • Larry Buchanan, The New York Times
  • Alexandra Ackerman, Contently
  • Sisi Wei, ProPublica
  • Benjamen Walker, “Theory of Everything”
  • Quoctrung Bui, The New York Times
  • Alvin Chang, Vox
  • David Marchese, New York Magazine
  • Terry Golway, POLITICO States
  • Anila Alexander, Vitals
  • Michael Puretz, The New York Times
  • Philip Dray, The New School
  • Brenda Kenneally, "The Upstate Girls Project"
  • Jarrard Cole, The Wall Street Journal
  • Nina Ong, Food Network
  • Josh Keller, The New York Times
  • Scott Klein, ProPublica
  • Sarah Montague, WNYC
  • Sarah Ryley, New York Daily News
  • Gisele Regatao, formerly WNYC
  • Joanna Kao, Financial Times
  • Tyler Kelley, Parsons School of Design
  • Aurelia Moser, Mozilla Foundation
  • Emily Goligoski, The New York Times
  • Matthew Diaz, Facebook
  • Blake Eskin, Design Observer
  • Dylan Greif, formerly Atavist
  • Katy Newton, formerly LA Times, IDEO
  • Jake Price, BBC In Pictures
  • John Keefe, WNYC
  • Andrew Losowsky, Coral Project, The New York Times
  • Francis Tseng, formerly Coral Project, The New York Times
  • Lena Groeger, ProPublica
  • Noah Veltman, WNYC
  • Peter Stevenson, formerly The New York Observer

Guest Designer

  • Louise Ma, formerly WNYC

Guest Editors

  • Aidan Gardiner, DNA Info
  • Ryann Grochowski Jones, ProPublica
  • Coulter Jones, The Wall Street Journal
  • Shane Shifflett, The Wall Street Journal
  • Kendall Taggart, BuzzFeed
  • Lainna Fader, The New Yorker
  • Annemarie Dooling, Racked
  • Anjali Mullany, Fast Company
  • Daniel Victor, The New York Times
  • Amanda Zamora, The Texas Tribune
  • Kayla Epstein, The Washington Post

Workshop Leaders

  • Juliette Melton, The New York Times
  • Rachel Derkits-Gelman, The New York Times
  • Drake Baer, New York Magazine
  • Thomas Rhiel, The New York Times
  • Laura Cochran, Condé Nast
  • Andrew Donohue, The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Jeff O’Connell, First Look Media
  • Kevin Dugan, The New York Post
  • Alexis Lloyd, formerly The New York Times
  • Hong Qu, Fusion
  • Adam Sternbergh, New York Magazine


  • Aron Pilhofer, The Guardian
  • John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar, USC
  • Joaquin Alvarado, The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • John Keefe, WNYC
  • Shazna Nessa, Knight Foundation