The competition for attention has never been so intense. For journalism to survive and flourish, we must be willing to reimagine everything. Design is our natural ally and a crucial part of the solution.
Journalism Design is an interdisciplinary program at The New School in New York City, merging design thinking with time-tested journalistic principles and practice.


Tuesday | July 19, 2016

J+D director Heather Chaplin publishes a new guide to design thinking in journalism

What journalists mean when they make reference to “design thinking” is the topic of a new report by Journalism + Design director Heather Chaplin, published by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism. It provides an in-depth view of the design practices that are emphasized in our undergraduate program — and that are currently in use at BuzzFeed, The New ++++++++>



Core Faculty

  • Heather Chaplin
  • Irwin Chen
  • Andrew Meier
  • Allison Lichter
  • Kia Gregory

Guest Faculty

  • Sarah Kramer, Time
  • Carmel Lobello, The Wall Street Journal
  • Larry Buchanan, The New York Times
  • Alexandra Ackerman, Contently
  • Sisi Wei, ProPublica
  • Benjamen Walker, “Theory of Everything”
  • Quoctrung Bui, The New York Times
  • Alvin Chang, Vox
  • David Marchese, New York Magazine
  • Terry Golway, POLITICO States
  • Anila Alexander, Vitals
  • Michael Puretz, The New York Times
  • Philip Dray, The New School
  • Brenda Kenneally, "The Upstate Girls Project"
  • Jarrard Cole, The Wall Street Journal
  • Nina Ong, Food Network
  • Josh Keller, The New York Times
  • Scott Klein, ProPublica
  • Sarah Montague, WNYC
  • Sarah Ryley, New York Daily News
  • Gisele Regatao, formerly WNYC
  • Joanna Kao, Financial Times
  • Tyler Kelley, Parsons School of Design
  • Aurelia Moser, Mozilla Foundation
  • Emily Goligoski, The New York Times
  • Matthew Diaz, Facebook
  • Blake Eskin, Design Observer
  • Dylan Greif, formerly Atavist
  • Katy Newton, formerly LA Times, IDEO
  • Jake Price, BBC In Pictures
  • John Keefe, WNYC
  • Andrew Losowsky, Coral Project, The New York Times
  • Francis Tseng, formerly Coral Project, The New York Times
  • Lena Groeger, ProPublica
  • Noah Veltman, WNYC
  • Peter Stevenson, formerly The New York Observer

Guest Designer

  • Louise Ma, formerly WNYC

Guest Editors

  • Aidan Gardiner, DNA Info
  • Ryann Grochowski Jones, ProPublica
  • Coulter Jones, The Wall Street Journal
  • Shane Shifflett, The Wall Street Journal
  • Kendall Taggart, BuzzFeed
  • Lainna Fader, The New Yorker
  • Annemarie Dooling, Racked
  • Anjali Mullany, Fast Company
  • Daniel Victor, The New York Times
  • Amanda Zamora, The Texas Tribune
  • Kayla Epstein, The Washington Post

Workshop Leaders

  • Juliette Melton, The New York Times
  • Rachel Derkits-Gelman, The New York Times
  • Drake Baer, New York Magazine
  • Thomas Rhiel, The New York Times
  • Laura Cochran, Condé Nast
  • Andrew Donohue, The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • Jeff O’Connell, First Look Media
  • Kevin Dugan, The New York Post
  • Alexis Lloyd, formerly The New York Times
  • Hong Qu, Fusion
  • Adam Sternbergh, New York Magazine


  • Aron Pilhofer, The Guardian
  • John Seely Brown, Visiting Scholar, USC
  • Joaquin Alvarado, The Center for Investigative Reporting
  • John Keefe, WNYC
  • Shazna Nessa, Knight Foundation